How Do I Change Headlights on a Buick Rainier?

You will need to remove the grill to access the headlight bulbs on a Buick Rainier. The grill is held on by plastic clips which will make removal simple. The headlight bulbs come in two different part numbers. The "9006" bulb is for the low-beam headlights. The "9005" bulb is for the high-beam headlights. Use caution as the bulb cannot come in contact with human skin. The oils from the skin will shorten the life of the bulb.

Accessing the Headlight

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. Locate the snap retainers holding the grill in place. There will be eight retainers to unsnap. Carefully pry the grill off the retainers. If the weather is cold it may cause the snaps to break. Once you remove the grill is removed, you will have access to the headlight assembly. Locate the brackets and lift them up to move the headlight assembly. Move the assembly forward to access the light sockets in the back.

Removing the Headlight

Pull the black plastic weather seal off the back of the bulb you are replacing. The high-beam bulbs are inboard and the low-beam bulbs are outboard. Disconnect the locking wiring-harness clip by hand. Turn the bulb counterclockwise until the tabs on the socket and the assembly line up. This will free the bulb to slide out of the headlight assembly.

Installing the Headlight

Insert the new bulb into the assembly. Twist clockwise to lock in place. Fasten the wiring-harness clip to the back of the bulb. Position the weather seal back over the assembly. Relocate the assembly and push the brackets down to secure it. Push the grill back onto the front of the vehicle. The grill will snap into place once it is positioned correctly. Start the vehicle to ensure the light is working correctly.

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