How to Replace a Sea-Doo Fuel Filter

The Sea-Doo GTI personal watercraft features a Rotax 4-TEC three-cylinder engine with multi-port fuel injection. The fuel filter is mounted on the fuel pump, which is installed inside the fuel tank. Though the GTI fuel filter does not require regular maintenance, Sea-Doo recommends replacement if the filter is permanently clogged or damaged or when another malfunction, such as low fuel pressure, is noted.

Fuel Filter Removal and Installation

STEP 1 - Open the front storage compartment and remove the access panel to the fuel tank. Remove the two vent tubes. Disconnect the electrical connector and the vent tube from the fuel pump.

STEP 2 - Relieve the fuel pressure in the system and disconnect the inlet hose from the fuel pump. Remove the nine fuel pump retaining nuts and lift the fuel pump from the gas tank and out through the glove box opening.

STEP 3 - Turn the fuel pump over. Using a screwdriver, remove the fuel filter by gently prying up its inner plastic ring.

STEP 4 - Install a new fuel filter by pressing it on the bottom of the fuel pump by hand. Ensure that it is correctly seated for proper filtration.

STEP 5 - Align the tab on the fuel pump gasket with the fuel tank's neck. Align the molded arrow on the fuel pump with the tab. Tighten the nine fuel pump retaining nuts in the correct sequence to the torque specified in the Sea-Doo service manual. Connect the electrical connector and replace the vent tube on the fuel pump.

STEP 6 - Reconnect the inlet hose and tighten it. Pressurize the fuel system and perform a leak test. Reinstall the access panel.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Socket wrench and sockets, Torque wrench, Flat-head screwdriver, Rags

WARNINGS: When removing the fuel pump from the fuel tank, take care not to bend the fuel sensor float arm attached to the body of the fuel pump.

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