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How to Remove a Vent Window on a 1955 Chevrolet

The vent window was a small window that flipped in or out. It was located between the driver or passenger side door window and the windshield. It was a convenient window to have because you could open it to enjoy the breeze without getting the full blast effect of having the door window down. If you ever have to paint or restore your old 1955 Chevrolet, you will have to remove these windows.

Tools Used: Screwdriver, Socket set

Remove Vent Window

Open the door with the vent window you wish to remove.

Use your screwdriver to pry off the door's trim panel. The vent window is mounted by a single rod that runs through the center of the glass. This rod is attached by a bolt behind the door frame, directly beneath the vent window assembly.

Slip your socket set in and remove the fastening bolt at the bottom of the vent window's rod. Then slide the rod out by hand. This will free the vent window. Take it out gently by hand.

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