How to Disable the Seat Belt Alarm on a Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram comes with a seat belt alarm called the BeltAlert. This restraint system indicator uses sensors located in the driver's and front passenger's seats to alert you to fasten your seat belt. It will keep chiming for a few minutes until you fasten the seat belts. If you want to disable the BeltAlert, you can do it yourself from your home garage. Keep in mind that is the law in most states to wear a safety belt while driving.

Step 1 - Sit in the driver's seat and shut all the doors.

Step 2 - Put the key into the ignition and fasten your safety belt. Turn the vehicle to the "on" position, but don't start the engine. Wait for the safety belt light to turn off on the instrument panel.

Step 3 - Fasten and unfasten your safety belt three times within one minute of turning the vehicle to the "on" position. Then fasten the seat belt one last time.

Turn the key to the "lock" position. You should hear the bell chime one time. This is an indication that the Ram's BeltAlert system has been turned off.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Ignition key

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