How to Remove a Drive Shaft on a 1986 Mazda RX-7

The driveshaft on a 1986 Mazda RX-7 connects the rear axle to the output shaft on the transmission, and is critical to the operation of the vehicle. Without it, the rear wheels cannot turn freely, and the RX-7 will not go anywhere. If you need to service the rear axle or transmission, you will need to remove the driveshaft from the vehicle. This should take under an hour to do.

Tools Used: Jack, Jack stands, 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set, Open-end wrench set, Drain pan

Remove Drive Shaft

Lift the RX-7 with the jack. Put jack stands underneath each corner of the chassis so that the wheels are off the ground and you have enough room to move about freely underneath the vehicle.

Unbolt the driveshaft from the rear axle using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench. Carefully guide the end of the driveshaft onto the ground with both hands.

Put the drain pan beneath the transmission output shaft. Carefully pull the driveshaft out from the transmission output shaft and roll it out from underneath the RX-7.

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