How to Replace the PCV Valve on a 1986 Honda Civic

Your 1986 Honda Civic will suffer from inevitable wear and tear. Small scratches inside the cylinder walls will cause a build up of gas in your crankcase. Piston rings are in place to prevent this pressurized gas from seeping into the crankcase but the rubber rings will wear down with age. The gas that blows by the piston ring is known as 'blow-by gas.' This blow-by is bled with the aid of a positive crankcase ventilation valve, or PVC. Its a good idea to replace the aging PVC in your late model Honda.

Tools Used: New 1986 Honda Civic PCV Valve

Replace PCV Valve

Locate the PCV Valve. The valve is located on the crankcase breather chamber. It has a rubber hose running from the top of it that connects to the intake manifold.

Pull the hose up and off the valve. Pull the valve up and off the crankcase.

Press the new valve into place. Visually inspect for any clogging of the hose or valve mount on the crankcase. Clean any clogging and replace the rubber hose by firmly pressing it back into place.

Tips & Warnings

Do not let any foreign matter inside the crank case of your Honda. Foreign material will cause damage to your motor.

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