1987 Chevrolet Camaro Troubleshoot Dash Light Problems

Seeing everything on your instrumental panel is critical when driving. Two possible problems cause faulty dashboard lights: faulty bulbs or a blown fuse. In order to fix these issues, you simply need to replace the faulty component. It is important that you always keep the dash lights on your 1987 Chevrolet Camaro in working order to prevent any accidents due to not being able to see the instrument panel at night.

Tools Used: Fuse puller, Socket wrench, Phillips screwdriver, Replacement 15A fuse, Replacement 195-type bulb

Troubleshoot Dash Light Problems

Replacing the Dash Light Fuse

Turn the Camaro's engine off and open the hood. Locate the under-hood fuse-block on the right-hand side of the engine compartment.

Remove the cover from the fuse-block and locate the fuse numbered "8." This is the dash light fuse.

Use a fuse puller to remove the dash light fuse and to install a new 15A fuse. Place the cover back onto the fuse-block and close the hood.

Replacing the Dash Light Bulbs

Turn the Camaro's engine off and open the hood. Use a socket wrench to lift off the negative terminal cable from the battery.

Lower the Camaro's steering wheel to its lowest position. Remove the four screws securing the instrument panel to the Camaro and pull the instrument panel towards you until you can comfortably reach behind the panel.

Remove the burned-out bulbs by pulling them out of the sockets on the underside of the instrument panel. Install new bulbs by pushing them into the sockets.

Reassemble the instrument panel and reconnect the battery.

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