1985 Chevrolet Stepside Distributor Cap Installation Instructions

The distributor on a 1985 Chevrolet stepside pickup truck puts electricity out to each of the spark plugs via the ignition wires. This distributor has a cap on top, which has electrical contacts built into it where the ignition wires connect. If these contacts wear down, then the spark plugs won't be able to create as much spark as possible, and if that happens, then the engine won't correctly fire. To fix the issue, the distributor cap needs to be removed from the engine and replaced with a new one.

Tools Used: Phillips-head screwdriver, Replacement distributor cap

Install Distributor Cap

Pop the hood. Take off the air cleaner on the top of the engine by taking off the wingnut on the top of the air cleaner and then lifting it off the carburetor.

Remove the screws holding the distributor cap to the distributor with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift it off of the distributor and put it down next to the distributor.

Put the replacement distributor cap next to the original, making sure they're both oriented in the same direction. Transfer the ignition wires one by one from the original cap to the replacement cap using your hands, pushing down the ignition wire firmly until you hear a popping sound.

Install the replacement cap onto the distributor with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Reinstall the air cleaner assembly using the original wing nut.

Tips & Warnings

By swapping each ignition wire individually, you make sure that none of the ignition wires get crossed in the process. If they do get crossed, you risk having a misfire in the system.

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