How to Remove a Starter on a 1985 Dodge 600

The starter motor on the 1985 Dodge 600 is located on the passenger's side of the engine. Mounted to the bell housing at the back of the engine, the 600's starter motor uses an attached starter solenoid to activate the starter motor when the key is turned to the start position. There are several wiring connections on the solenoid and several bolts to remove before you can remove the starter from the car. You can buy new replacement starter motors at larger auto parts stores and used motors through many salvage yards.

Tools Used: Wrench set, Jack, Jack stands, Socket set, Ratchet

Remove a Starter

Open the hood of your Dodge 600 and locate the negative battery cable end on the battery. Loosen the retaining bolt on the negative battery cable end with a wrench then lift the cable off the battery. Isolate the cable from the battery to avoid the wiring to the starter from becoming energized while you work.

Raise the front of your car off the ground with a jack and support the car with a set of jack stands. Position the stands under the frame of the car, making sure it is solid then remove the jack so you do not have to work around it.

Locate the starter motor from under the car. Remove the two retaining nuts from the wiring terminals on the back of the starter solenoid using a socket and ratchet. Slide the wires off the terminals and push them aside.

Move to the front of the starter motor and locate the two bolts and one nut that secure the starter. Remove the lower bolt and the single nut with a socket and ratchet. Loosen the upper bolt with the socket and ratchet then support the starter by hand and remove the upper mounting bolt.

Slide the starter back until the nose cone clears the bell housing. Lower the starter down, remove it from the engine compartment and out from under the car.

Tips & Warnings

The starter motor used in the Dodge 600 is very heavy. Be very careful as you remove the mounting bolts, and make sure you have a good grip on it or someone to support it as you remove the last bolt.

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