1985 Lincoln Town Car Headlight Replacement

The 1985 Lincoln Town Car uses the old style sealed-beam unit headlights. The small square headlights look alike, but there are two per driver and passenger side; one for low beam and one for high beam. While they look alike, they have different part numbers because they function differently. Be sure to inspect the lighting before purchasing the replacement headlight(s) to ensure the correct headlight is being installed in the right location (low beams on the outside--high beams on the inside). Beginning In 1990, the second-generation Town Car used the more popular halogen capsule headlights.

Tools Used: Torx-head screwdriver set, Penetrating spray, Phillips screwdriver, Replacement headlight(s)

Headlight Replacement

Approach the front of the Lincoln Town Car and kneel down to locate the trim ring (actually a rectangle) surrounding the dual headlights.

Remove the four trim ring screws with a suitable Torx-head screwdriver. Remove the trim ring, but be careful to place it face up so it does not get scratched.

Inspect the retaining ring (actually a rectangle) surrounding each individual low beam and high beam headlight. Before loosening any screws, inspect the retaining ring carefully to locate the four screws (two on top and two on bottom). Two additional screws are located near each headlight (one on the top center and one of the side center). These are headlight-alignment screws and should not be moved.

Spray penetrating solution on the four retaining ring screws and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.

Remove the four retaining-ring screws with the Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the sealed beam headlight from its cavity. The wire harness plug will come out with the headlight far enough to reach behind. Unplug the headlight from the harness.

Plug the new headlight into the harness plug. Insert the headlight into position making sure the word "top" is placed at the top of the headlight. Depending on the brand of headlight, it may not have the word "top." If not, make sure the words and numbers on the headlight are not displayed upside down when inserting the sealed beam headlight into place.

Hold the retaining ring into place over the headlight and then replace the four retaining screws.

Replace the trim ring and four retaining screws.

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