How to Change Rear Brake Shoes on 1985 Honda Shadow

Your 1985 Honda Shadow motorcycle has a braking system composed of a single piston caliper with two brake shoes in the rear. The rear brake pedal activates the rear brake. The process for changing the rear brake shoes is relatively straightforward for anyone with prior motorcycle repair experience; you won't even have to remove the wheel. It is also helpful to have a basic understanding of the parts on your specific motorcycle model.

Tools Used: Assorted Allen wrenches, Pliers

Change Rear Brake Shoes

Remove both Allen-head bolts that hold the cap onto the rear brake master cylinder on the right side of the frame.

Look above the brake caliper for a metal tab connecting the brake line to the frame. Locate the retainer bolt on the tab and twist it counterclockwise with an Allen wrench until it comes out.

Find both caliper retainer bolts and remove them with an Allen wrench.

Slide the caliper up and away from the rotor. Pull the brake shoes out manually.

Position the piston in the back of the caliper with the pliers.

Set the shoes into the caliper and keep them in place with the pliers while simultaneously pulling the caliper down over the rotor.

Replace all of the retainer bolts in reverse order and bolt down the tab and cap.

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