How to Change the Battery on a 1982 Honda Goldwing

How to change a Battery on a 1982 Honda Goldwing Aspencade. It will take about 15 minutes to change. You will learn how to change the battery and clean the terminal ends.

Tools Used: 1-Safety Glasses, 1-New Battery, 1-Flat Screw-driver, 1-Phillips Screw-driver, 1-Hand-Held Wire Brush

Change the Battery

Put Safety Glasses on. Put the Goldwing on the center stand. Go to the left side of the Goldwing and remove the side cover.

You will need the flat screwdriver to turn the bolt on the bottom of side cover 1/4 turn.(Turn it to the LEFT). The side cover will pull out now.

You will see the battery. Do these in order so you do not have sparks. Take the Phillips screwdriver and take off the bolt on the negative post.

Unhook the rubber that holds the Battery in. Remove the Battery. Clean the battery cable ends with the hand held wire brush

Put new Battery in the holder and re-hook rubber strap. Do these in order so you do not have sparks. Put the positive cable on first. Than put the negative cable on last.

Put the side cover back on. Make sure the top two rubbers are in the holes. Take the flat screwdriver and turn the bolt to the right 1/4 turn.

Tips & Warnings

Do not spill the fluid that is in the batteries.

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