How to Change the Thermostat on a 1985 Honda Accord

An automobile thermostat is basically a heat-activated valve that regulates coolant flow. The heat from the engine is transferred to the coolant and taken to the radiator. When the temperature hits a certain point, the thermostat lets the water move and keeps it from moving when the temperature is too low. Over time, the thermostat will begin to stick and eventually will stay open and you will have to replace it. If your car is overheating, check the thermostat first as it is the most likely culprit. Plus it is a cheap and simple fix.

Tools Used: Thermostat with gasket, Small socket set, Gasket lubricant, Scraper

Change the Thermostat

Find the thermostat by following the top radiator hose from the radiator to the metal housing.

Use the ratchet to remove the bolts and take apart the housing. Replace the old thermostat with the new one. You should be able to take the thermostat out of the housing easily. Look to see which direction the old thermostat faces and place the new one in the same way.

Lubricate the new gasket. Remove the old gasket from the housing; you may have to scrape it off until it is completely removed. Replace the old gasket with the new one.

Put the housing back together and tighten the bolts.

Fill the coolant reservoir until it is back to an acceptable level.

Tips & Warnings

Coolant will leak from the housing when you take it apart, so you can place a bucket underneath it to keep it from seeping into the ground.

Make sure the bolts are tight enough that coolant does not leak, but do not tighten them so tight that you break the housing.

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