How to Repair the Glow Plug on a 1985 GMC 1500

The glow plugs on your 1985 GMC 1500 are heating devices that are used to start the vehicle. If a glow plug begins to malfunction, you will be unable to start your diesel truck. The easiest solution to repair the glow plugs is to simply replace them. All of the GMC 1500's glow plugs are located near the front of the engine. Removing your truck's glow plugs will take some time and you should expect to spend close to two hours to replace them.

Tools Used: Socket wrench, Jack, Wheel wrench, Philips screwdriver

Repair Glow Plug

Disconnect the GMC 1500's battery and disconnect all of the glow plug wires on the left side of the engine with a 3/8 inch socket.

Raise the right side of the truck with a jack. Loosen the lug nuts and remove the tire. Remove the two screws securing the inner splash shield. Remove the splash shield from the fender wall.

Remove the lead wires from the plugs in the second, fourth, and sixth cylinders. Remove the heat shrouds from the fourth and sixth cylinders. Unplug all of the glow plug wires and remove them from the vehicle.

Crawl under the vehicle and disconnect the leader wire at the eighth cylinder. Remove the glow plug. Installation of the new glow plugs is the reversal of the removal process. Make sure to tighten the glow plugs to 17 Nm. Remember to reconnect the battery.

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