How to Connect the Spark Plugs on a 1986 Acura Integra

In 1986, Honda Motor Company opened a new luxury lineup, Acura. The Integra was one of the first Acuras released in the 1986 model year. The 1994 model year marked the beginning of the third generation of the Integra. In this generation, Acura completely redesigned the Integra, giving it a rounder body design and dual circular headlights. Acura recommended changing the spark plugs every 30,000 miles on GS and LS model and 60,000 miles on GS-R models.

Tools Used: 4 new NGK ZFR5F-11, or equivalent, spark plugs (GS and LS models), 4 new NGK PFR6G-13, or equivalent, spark plugs (GS-R models), Spark plug gap tool, Ratchet, Socket set, 6-inch extension, 16 mm spark plug socket, Torque wrench

Connect Spark Plugs

Check the gap on the four new NGK ZFR5F-11 or PFR6G-13, or equivalent, spark plugs using a spark plug gap tool. The Integra requires a spark plug gap of 0.038 to 0.042 inches on a GS and LS models and a 0.048 and 0.052 inches on the GS-R models. Adjust the gap, using the spark plug gap tool, on the GS or LS models, as needed. On GS-R models, the spark plugs are non-adjustable, so exchange any incorrectly gapped plugs for new ones.

Remove the spark plug wire cover on top of the engine --- only on GS-R models --- by removing the four nuts, with a ratchet and socket, and pulling the cover off.

Grab the spark plug wire by its thick rubber boot, and pull it upward with a slight twisting motion to remove it.

Check the spark plug wire for any defects such as cracking, breakage, splitting or excessive aging. If any defect exists, replace all four spark plug wires. Only replace the wires one-by-one to retain the Integra's firing order.

Remove the spark plug using a ratchet, 6-inch extension and a 16 mm spark plug socket.

Pull the old spark plug from the spark plug socket and press a new spark plug into the socket. Hand-tighten the spark plug into the engine using a spark plug socket and 6-inch extension.

Connect a torque wrench to the 6-inch extension and 16 mm spark plug socket. Tighten the spark plug to 13 foot-pounds.

Press the spark plug wire onto the top of the spark plug until you feel it "click" onto the plug.

Repeat Steps 2 through 7 to replace the remaining three spark plugs.

Set the spark plug wire cover back on top of the engine --- on GS-R models only. Tighten the four nuts using a ratchet and socket.

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