How to Install the Horn on a 1982 Chevrolet Caprice

In a few steps you can replace the horn of a Chevy Caprice Classic. While stock horns typically last beyond the life cycle of a vehicle, it's very possible for a horn to blow out or malfunction. When this happens, it's important to replace the horn so that your vehicle passes inspects and so that your travels are much safer. After buying a replacement horn from a parts dealer or junkyard, the steps for installing it are as simple as removing and unplugging the old one and inserting the new one.

Tools Used: New horn, Screwdriver

Install Horn

Engage the hood latch to pop the hood of your Caprice. Prop it up with the stabilization stick.

Locate the stock horn near the front of the under hood area. It's circle shaped like school bell and attached to a bracket by screws.

Unscrew the stock horn from the bracket and unplug the wires plugged into the socket. Set the screws aside so they don't get lost. Remove the stock horn from you Caprice.

Place the new horn against the bracket and screw it in tight. Plug the wires into the horns socket. Once the replacement horn is secure, test it out by pressing the horn button on your steering wheel. When everything is in place, close the hood and dispose of the old horn.

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