How to Remove the Caliper on a 1984 Ford F350

Ford equipped its 1984 model-year F-350 trucks with a hydraulic brake system consisting of a master cylinder, engine vacuum-powered booster, high pressure brake lines and calipers. Brake lines carry pressurized fluid to the calipers, which forces the caliper piston to extend and clamp the brake rotor. Rubber components in the caliper wear or become stiff with age, and they must be replaced to prevent further brake system damage and a possible unsafe driving condition.

Tools Used: Lug-nut wrench, Jack, Jack stands, Wrench set, Center punch, Hammer, C-clamp

Remove the Caliper

Set the parking brake. Break the torque on the lug nuts with a lug-nut wrench. Raise the front of the truck with a jack. Support the truck with a pair of jack stands.

Remove the lug nuts with the wrench. Remove the wheel from the rotor/hub assembly.

Remove the banjo bolt from the brake line fitting and caliper with a wrench. Pull the brake line fitting off of the caliper and discard the two gaskets.

Locate the caliper rail pins at the top and bottom of the caliper bracket. Drive the pins out the back side of the caliper with the punch and hammer. Inspect the pins for signs of wear or rubber deterioration and replace them if necessary.

Install a large C-clamp onto the caliper from the back of the caliper piston housing to the outer brake pad. Tighten the C-clamp to compress the caliper enough to allow you to disengage the brake pads from the rotor. Release the C-clamp and quickly lift the caliper up and off of the rotor.

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