How to Remove the Fuel Injectors on a 1983 Porsche 928

Fuel injectors pass fuel through the engine system prior to combustion. Eventually, however, fuel injectors can break and therefore will need to be removed and then replaced by you or a mechanic. A Porsche 928 fuel injector contains quite a few small coils, which can break over time. Removing a Porsche 928 injector is a moderately difficult process which can be done without too much fuss when following a few steps.

Tools Used: Rags, Wrench, Ratchet, extension and socket, Screwdriver

Remove the Fuel Injectors

Wrap an old rag around the Schrader valve before unscrewing it with a screwdriver and using the rag to catch any spurts of oil. The Schrader valve can be found on the fuel rail, just to the left of the engine.

Find the thin Porsche 928 battery cable on the right hand side of the fuel injector and use the wrench to gently remove it.

Unplug the six wires going into the Porsche 928 fuel injector. These can be removed by gently and carefully pulling them with your hands.

With the wiring removed, lightly wrap two rags around the circumference of the Porsche fuel injector and lift the Porsche fuel injector out, making sure not to knock the engine or wiring out of place. The rags will prevent spurts of oil from getting on your clothes.

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