How to Remove the Starter on a 1982 Dodge Omni

You can remove the Omni's starter right at home without the need to take the car into a repair shop. Automotive starters typically last throughout the life of the car. There are several possible causes of failure to start, including faulty battery, alternator, starter relay, ignition switch, starter or starter solenoid. If you suspect the starter, most auto parts stores will test it for you. You may need to replace the solenoid or the entire starter. Remove the starter and have it tested. The starter is on the lower-side of the transaxle case for the 1.6, 1.7 and 2.2 liter engines in the 1982 Dodge Omni.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, Black electrical tape, 2 Wheel blocks, Car jack, Jack stand, Safety glasses, White painters tape

Remove the Starter

Disconnect the negative (black) cable from its post on the car battery with a socket wrench. Position the cable away from all other metals within the engine area that it may contact. The negative post and cable on the battery will have a minus symbol next to it. Check on the top of the battery for this symbols location.

Apply the Omni's emergency brake and firmly place wheel chocks behind both of the rear tires. Raise the Omni with a car jack on the front passenger side near the tire. Place a jack stand under the pinch-weld support point and lower the car onto it. Remove the jack.

Put on a pair of safety glasses and slide under the Omni head first. Locate the starter on the side of the transmission case. Use white painters tape to clearly mark both of the solenoid's wires so that you know which goes where later.

Remove the solenoid's wires with a wrench. Remove the bolts from the support clip at the end of the starter (if there is one) using a socket wrench, and set them aside.

Remove the starter's mounting bolts or nuts one at a time with a socket wrench. Before you remove the final bolt or nut at the top of the starter, make sure that you fully support the starter with one hand. There are several configurations for starters on this car. Whether the starter has a rear support clip and is secured by nuts or bolts depends on the engine and whether the car has a manual or automatic transmission.

Lower the starter from its mounting position slowly. The starter, although small, weighs about 8 pounds. Take the starter to an auto parts store and have it tested. If it needs to be replaced, check the new one to make sure it exactly matches the old one. There were six different starters used on the '82 Omni, because of the different engine/transmission combinations. To reinstall the starter on the Omni reverse this procedure exactly.

Tips & Warnings

Always keep all bolts that you remove from the vehicle in a safe location such as a pocket. Damaging the bolts or their threads will cause prolonged auto repair.

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