How to Replace Side Weather Stripping on 1983 Toyota Corolla SR5

The Toyota Corolla is known for its dependability and durability. If that old 1983 Corolla SR5 is still running, there are most likely a few maintenance issues to fix. Weatherstripping is the rubber lining that fits along the interior edges of your doors and windows. It creates a seal when the door closes and keeps water out. Once it wears out, you will need to replace the weatherstripping or else run the risk of getting your car's interior soaked. Weatherstripping fits a car very specifically, so be sure to find the right material that matches your 83 Corolla SR5.

Tools Used: 1983 Corolla SR5 weatherstripping, Car adhesive, Cleaning agent, Putty knife

Replace Side Weather Stripping

Open the side door and remove the old weatherstripping by pulling it out of the frame lining. It is stuck in place using an adhesive, so use a putty knife to loosen it. Grab the stripping with one hand and insert the knife into the opening. Pry the rubber away using the knife.

Take a rag and a cleaning agent and wipe down the lining surface. Be sure the old adhesive is cleaned off and the metal is dry.

Apply new adhesive along the surface where you removed the lining. Use enough to ensure the new weatherstripping will stick, but don't use so much that it overflows onto the door panel as this can damage your interior.

Insert the new weatherstripping into the Corolla door frame. Press down on the middle of the stripping as you set it in place until the entire side stripping is in place. Wait several hours for the adhesive to dry.

Close the door and dump a cup of water along the side of the car where the door opens. No water should enter the Corolla.

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