How to Replace a Window Motor on a 1985 Ford F250

The 1985 Ford F250 power windows move up and down thanks to the efforts of the power-window motor. When you push the window switch, it closes the power-window circuit. This energizes the window motor, which then turns a gear in the motor's nose. That gear turns another gear on the window regulator, which moves the window glass. If the motor short-circuits or locks up, the entire system comes to a halt until you replace the motor. If you have basic auto-repair experience and an hour of free time, you can replace the window motor in your 1985 F-250.

Tools Used: Trim tool, Phillips screwdriver, Packing tape, Socket set

Replace a Window Motor

Pry the window switch bezel out of the 1985 F-250's door panel with the trim tool. Unplug the door harness from the switch by hand. Set the switch and bezel assembly aside.

Remove the mounting screws from the F-250's door panel with the Phillips screwdriver. Pry the door panel away from the door using the trim tool.

Lift the door panel up and off the door by hand. Set the panel aside.

Shove the F-250's window to the top of the window frame by hand. Tape the window to the top of the door with packing tape.

Disconnect the F-250's door harness from the window motor connection by hand. Unbolt the motor from the F250's door support and window regulator with your socket set.

Pull the old window motor out of the F-250's door by hand. Replace it with the new motor. Bolt the new motor to the F-250's door and the window regulator with the socket set.

Plug the F-250's door harness to the window motor connection by hand. Reinstall the F-250's door panel and window switch in reverse of how you removed them. Remove the tape from the glass before operating the new window motor.

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