How to Rewire an Alternator on a 1985 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has long been one of Ford's best-selling models over the years, ever since its introduction in 1964. Over the years it has undergone several changes to the body, design, engine specifications and otherwise. The 1985 model in particular has several variations depending on the exact specs you desire, and each type of model requires a different alternator to charge the battery and power the electrical components of the engine. If your headlights start to dim or the windows and other electrical components begin to act sluggish, it may be time to replace the alternator in your Mustang.

Tools Used: Wrench set, Socket set, Ratchet

Rewire Alternator

Set the parking brake on your Mustang, and ensure the vehicle is safe on a flat area. Let the engine cool, and pop the hood of the car to expose the engine. Locate the serpentine belt diagram chart on the underside of the hood or the fan cover, and use the chart to locate the alternator, as well as the tensioner pulley.

Release the pressure on the tensioner pulley to remove the serpentine belt that also attaches to the alternator pulley on the alternator. Attach the ratchet and socket to the bolt on the side of the pulley, and turn it clockwise (or counterclockwise, depending on the model of 1985 Mustang you drive) as indicated on the diagram. Slide the now-slack belt off of the tensioner pulley, then the alternator pulley.

Remove the negative battery lead on the battery, and detach all of the wiring harnesses and wires on the old alternator. Set them aside, and keep them organized for later. Loosen the bolts on the mounting harness for the alternator with a wrench or socket. Remove the old alternator.

Install the new alternator by placing it where the old one was, and bolting it in place with the mounting bracket. Tighten the bolts, and reattach all of the wiring harnesses and wires to the new alternator. Slip the serpentine belt over the alternator pulley, and turn the tensioner pulley to move it enough so you can slide the serpentine belt over it. Release the pressure when you are done.

Check the belt for tautness. Reattach the battery lead to the battery, and close the hood of the Mustang. Start the engine, and let it run for a few minutes before testing your electrical components and looking for sluggish movement or dimmed lights.

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