How to Write on Car Windows

Whether it is to make a price visible on that car you have for sale or to let the world know you're a newlywed, writing on car windows is one way to get your message out. Every car has a front and rear window, making plenty of room for a message. The materials used to write on car windows need to be highly visible, be easily removed and be water resistant.

Step 1 - Clean the windows you'll be writing on. Plan what you want to say and how it will fit on the window. You want people to focus on your message and not the fact that the letters on one side of the window are much larger and better spaced than on the other side.

Step 2 - Using liquid white shoe polish is quick, cheap and easy to see. Wet the applicator on the end of the bottle and write your message on the window. As this product is not made for this purpose, you may need to make more than one pass at writing your sign on the window. Don't try to put on too much at a time because it will drip.

Use window markers for colorful signs or to create more interest in your window writing. These markers are easy to find at stores. Wal-Mart and Walgreens both carry these markers, for example. Use is similar to the method used to apply liquid white shoe polish. Simply push down on the bottle to wet the applicator and write.

TIPS : To reduce the possibility of dripping letters, apply several lighter layers to build up to the color intensity you desire.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED : Window cleaner, White liquid shoe polish, Window markers

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