How to Assemble the Headlight on a 1986 Toyota Camry

The 1986 Camry headlight consists of four parts: the headlight housing, the headlight bulbs, the hardware that holds the headlight housing in place, and the wiring connectors. Assembling a 1986 Camry headlight in the vehicle requires putting these four components together. Fortunately, the design of the 1986 Camry's front end facilitates this process. This is good news for those whose current headlights are broken, cracked, or too worn to continue to use. Expect to spend at least an hour assembling and installing your new headlight.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, Car jack, 2 Jack stands, Screwdriver

Assemble Headlight

Turn off your Camry and raise it off the ground using your car jack and jack stands if you are unable to reach the bottom of the bumper without the car being raised. Prop open the hood.

Remove the pin clips below the bumper that are spaced about a foot apart from each other. Wedge them out with your screwdriver if you can't do it with your hands.

Remove the two bolts on the inner wheel well that attach the bumper to the side fender.

Remove the two bolts on the lower portion of the grille.

Pull the bumper off of the front end of the vehicle. Have a friend help you if it's too heavy to hold alone.

Remove the two top bolts from the headlight as well as the horizontal bolt in front of the headlight at its base and the bolt on the fender side of the headlight, four bolts in total.

Begin to lift the headlight out of the bracket but do not jerk it completely out of the car. Disconnect the three wiring harnesses from the rear of the headlight and pull the headlight completely away.

Insert the new headlight bulbs in the replacement headlight unit by securing them in their sockets and screwing on the rear weather cap.

Place the replacement headlight on the bracket that the old headlight went. Plug in the three wiring harnesses and replace the four mounting bolts. Reattach the bumper.

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