How to Remove the Blower Motor on a 1987 Buick LeSabre

With casual use, the blower motor in most cases will last the life-span of the car. However many variables determine the length of time the blower should last including individual usage patterns. Operating your '87 Buick LeSabre's blower motor on its highest setting whenever it's in use causes additional wear and tear. The blower motor in your LeSabre mounts within the engine compartment which also makes it vulnerable to environmental elements like water and dirt. Because of the ease of access to your LeSabre's blower motor, you can remove and replace it yourself. The total repair time, installation included, should take 35 minutes to do.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, 2 socks, Flat-head screwdriver, Shop towel

Remove Blower Motor

Open the driver's door on your '87 Buick LeSabre and pull the release lever for the hood. Lift and securely support the hood. Locate your Buick's battery and look for a small minus symbol on top of the battery's casing.

Loosen the bolt securing the metal terminal and cable to the battery with a socket wrench at the minus (negative) symbol's location. Lift the disconnected cable away from the battery with your left hand. While holding the cable with your left hand, use your right hand to roll a sock down over the metal terminal and its cable. Roll a second sock down over the terminal and then position the cable away from the battery.

Walk over and stand on the passenger's side of your LeSabre just behind the front tire. Look down just forward of where the hood's support arm attaches within the engine compartment. The round cup-shaped component that you see is the top of your Buick's blower motor.

Unplug the wiring harness connected to the front of the blower motor. If you have trouble doing this by hand, carefully lift the harness's safety clip with a small flat-head screwdriver.

Disconnect the cooling hose on the right side of the blower motor. The hose will pop out of place by hand, with minimal force. Reposition the cooling hose so that it clears the base plate surrounding the blower motor.

Loosen and remove the five bolts around the perimeter of the base plate on the blower motor with a socket wrench. Store the bolts in a dirt-free location to avoid contaminating their threads.

Grasp the top of your LeSabre's blower motor and lift it evenly and vertically out of its mounting location. Cover the hole from which you extracted the blower motor with a shop towel until your ready to install your new blower.

Tips & Warnings

If you notice a lot of dirt built up within the chamber that the blower motor mounts into, clean it because you're breathing that dirt into your lungs. Wet a clean towel or rag with warm water. Ring out the towel so that it's not soaking wet.

Do not use any soap or chemical solutions to clean the blower motor's chamber. Certain chemicals produce fumes that are dangerous if inhaled. Therefore, cleaning the chamber with anything other than pure water may cause personal injury or respiratory harm.

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