How to Clean Idle Air Control Valve on 1987 BMW 325is

Like most BMWs, the 1987 325is model is generally a pleasure to own and drive. While known for its reliability, the 1987 325is will, like all cars, occasionally require some maintenance. Two problems many owners of this car will encounter, especially at its advancing age, are rough idle and hesitation. One of the most common causes of these issues is a dirty idle control valve. Luckily, cleaning a 1987 BMW 325is idle air control valve is inexpensive and easy to do.

Tools Used: 10 mm wrench, Throttle body cleaner, Plastic bucket or container

Clean Idle Air Control Valve

Park the car on a flat, level surface and turn the engine off.

Open the hood of the car and locate the idle control valve on top of the engine. The idle control valve is a metal, cylindrical device about 6 inches long situated near the largest rubber piece in the engine compartment, the air intake boot. It is connected to the car by one electrical connection and one rubber hose.

Disconnect the electrical wire from the idle control valve by squeezing the clips on either side with your fingers and pulling the connection directly away from the idle control valve.

Locate the hose clamp holding the rubber hose to the idle control valve. Loosen the hose clamp by turning the 10 mm nut on the hose clamp counterclockwise at least five full turns with a 10 mm wrench. Grasp the idle control valve and pull it directly away from the rubber hose while simultaneously twisting it back and forth until it comes free.

Hold the idle control valve over a bucket and spray it generously with throttle body cleaner inside and out. Be sure to spray cleaner into the openings at both ends of the idle control valve to reach the internal parts. Drain the excess cleaner into the bucket.

Allow the idle control valve to dry for at least 15 minutes before hooking it up to the engine.

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