How to Replace a Brake Light Switch on a 1986 Jeep CJ7

Known primarily as the Wrangler, the Jeep CJ7 is a four-wheel drive vehicle that employs standard engine and body options. Most of the replacement parts are available through any auto-parts retailer. The way Jeep designed and built the CJ7, replacing parts is relatively uncomplicated. The only difficult aspect of replacing the brake light switch on the CJ7 is reaching the switch itself, as it bolts to the brake and clutch support bracket under the dash.

Tools Used: Wrench

Replace a Brake Light Switch

Disconnect the brake light cable and move it to the side. This just slides off the switch with very little force.

Loosen the retaining hex nuts. The switch uses two nuts sandwiching the support bracket to hold the switch in place. Loosen the one closest to the switch and then loosen the hex nut closest to the pedal until you can remove it. You will likely have to hold the nut still while you spin the switch to remove it due to the confined area. Once the outer hex nut is removed, the switch just pulls out.

Install the new switch. The new switch comes with the two nuts already screwed on. Remove the outer hex nut and install the switch. Again, you may have to rotate the switch in its housing to reattach the outer nut. Tighten the nuts down until the switch is immobile.

Reattach the brake light cable and test. You want to make sure the brake lights activate with light pressure on the pedal.

Adjust the switch as necessary. If you have to move the pedal more than an inch to activate the light or if the brake light remains on, you need to adjust the location of the bolts. Loosen the inner nut so that you can move the switch back and forth in the housing. Once you identify the best position for the switch, tighten the inner and outer hex nuts until the switch is immobile and retest. Repeat the adjustment process as necessary.

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