1986 Kawasaki Vulcan Seat Removal Instructions

The 1984 Vulcan 750 was Kawasaki's first V-twin-powered motorcycle, and was heavily influenced by the cruiser-styling that was popular in the early 1980s. The 1986 Vulcan 750 featured an integrated passenger back rest and tool box that housed the motorcycle's seat mounting bolts. Although this created a slick, streamlined appearance, the apparent lack of mounting hardware can cause some frustration for a new Vulcan owner if the motorcycle's battery dies. But with a single wrench, you can remove the seat to provide access to the motorcycle's electrical system.

Tools Used: Ignition key, 10 mm box-end wrench

Remove Seat

Insert the ignition key into the tool box lock at the rear of the passenger back rest. Twist the key counterclockwise to unlock the tool box, then open the tool box cover.

Pull the end of the rubber strap off of the hook built into the tool box, then pull the tool pouch out of the tool box. Unscrew both seat bolts from the tool box's inner wall, using a 10 mm box-end wrench.

Grasp the rear portion of the seat with both hands and lift it until it clears the passenger back rest. Pull the seat away from the gas tank to free the hook under the front of the seat from the motorcycle's frame. Set the seat aside.

To replace the seat, slip the hook under the front of the seat into the slot built into the frame, positioned below the gas tank. Lower the seat onto the frame and the rear fender.

Screw both seat bolts through the tool box and into the seat, by hand. Tighten the seat bolts, using a 10 mm box-end wrench.

Place the tool pouch into the tool box, then hook the end of the rubber strap over the tool pouch. Close the tool box cover and turn the ignition key clockwise to lock it into place. Remove the key from the lock.

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