1983 Yamaha Virago Front Forks Removal Instructions

The 1983 Yamaha Virago is a cruiser style motorcycle. The front forks are the two large metal poles running from the handle bars down to the front tire. The front forks are what help absorb road bumps. The front forks are secured to the frame of the bike by two clamps at the top of the forks. One clamp secures each fork.

Tools Used: Motorcycle jack, Yamaha axle wrench, Rubber tip hammer, Yamaha fork wrench

Remove Front Forks

Raise the Virago using a motorcycle jack to get the front tire off of the ground. Remove the axle retaining nut from the axle using the Yamaha axle wrench. Hammer out the front tire's axle using the hammer and remove the front tire from the forks.

Loosen the securing clamp at the top of the forks that is connected to the handle bars using the Yamaha fork wrench.

Slide the front forks out of the securing clamp. Lay the front forks on a padded clean, dry surface for storage.

Tips & Warnings

The Yamaha dealer will have all of the tools needed to complete this job.

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