1984 Chevrolet Corvette Rear Bumper Cover Removal Instructions

The 1984 Chevrolet Corvette was a completely redesigned body style from the previous model year. The rear bumper of the 1984 Corvette was a single piece of fiberglass wrapping around the sides of the car. This body component is often referred to the as the rear fascia and contains four taillights and the tag opening. Removal of the rear fascia may be required to repair crash damage or to reach the rear portion of the frame.

Tools Used: Battery terminal wrench, Ratchet, Metric sockets, Extensions, Phillips screwdriver, Torx screwdriver


Park the Corvette on a flat surface and engage the emergency brake to secure the car from moving. Open the hood and use the battery terminal wrench to remove the negative battery cable from the battery.

Remove the four small bolts holding the gas filler door to the body using the a socket and ratchet. Remove the gas filler door from the vehicle and store in a safe location.

Loosen and remove the gas cap from the filler. Remove the black plastic pad around the gas filler neck by peeling the pad up using just your hands.

Remove the three screws on each side of the gas filler that secures the rear fascia to the gas door panel.

While laying under the rear fascia, remove the four screws used to attach the rear fascia to the energy absorbing pad at the end of the vehicles frame. Using a Torx screwdriver remove the three screws in each rear wheel well connecting the wheel well inner panel to the rear fascia.

Disconnect the electrical connections to the rear side marker lights. Use a small flat blade screwdriver to separate the electrical connections, if necessary. The side marker lights must be reached from under the Corvette.

Disconnect the electrical connections for the reverse lights and tag light. These can be reached from under the car or through the hole normally behind the tag. Disconnect the two inner taillight electrical connections by reaching through the tag hole. Disconnect the outer taillight electrical connections from under the vehicle.

Remove the two bolts that are used to attach the license plate opening to the frame with a socket, extension and ratchet.

Pull the bottom of the rear fascia away from the car and remove the bolts holding the top of the fascia to the body. After removal of the final bolt, lift the fascia away from the car to complete the process.

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