How to Change the Fuel Pump on a 1986 Jeep Cherokee

Unlike modern Cherokees, which feature an electric fuel pump inside the fuel tank, the 1986 Cherokee relied on a mechanical fuel pump mounted against the side of the engine block. As the engine rotates, it moves a metal lever connected to the back of the fuel pump up and down to pull fuel to the front of the vehicleand to then push that fuel to the fuel delivery system. Unfortunately, the seals within the pump tend to corrode, reducing the pump's ability to deliver fuel to the engine. When this occurs, the pump must be replaced.

Tools Used: Wrench, Gasket sealer, Fuel pump gasket

Change the Fuel Pump

Remove both cables from the battery terminals with a wrench to avoid the risk of fire.

Remove the inlet and outlet pipes from the bottom of the fuel pump with a wrench.

Remove the two bolts that secure the fuel pump to the side of the engine with a wrench, then pull the pump off of the engine, followed by the pump's gasket.

Apply gasket sealer to each side of a replacement pump gasket, then press the gasket onto the back of the fuel pump.

Position the new fuel pump against the engine and tighten each of the pump's two retaining bolts with a wrench.

Tighten the inlet and outlet pipes onto the bottom of the fuel pump with a wrench.

Reconnect the battery cables to the battery with a wrench.

Pull the coil wire off of the center of the distributor cap.

Crank the engine with the ignition key for 10 to 20 seconds to prime the new fuel pump, then reconnect the coil wire.

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