How to Change the Oil on a 1987 Suzuki Savage 650

The 1987 Savage 650 motorcycle has a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. The oil pan is located just above and inside the muffler on the right side of the vehicle. It abuts a metallic and triangular cover, which is for the oil filter. The oil lubricates the turning parts of the engine, preventing wear and damage due to friction. Changing the Suzuki Savage's oil is part of the regular maintenance of the motorcycle, and is a very simple procedure. No other components of the motorcycle have to be removed, and you can finish the job in less than half an hour.

Tools Used: Funnel, Socket wrench set, Replacement oil filter, 2 liters replacement oil, Drainage pan, Screwdriver

Change the Oil

Run the motorcycle for a few minutes to warm the oil. This action makes it much easier to drain the oil, as it's less viscous when heated.

Place the drainage pan below the oil pan plug. The drain plug hangs down vertically at the base of the Savage just inside the muffler as it turns from a vertical to horizontal position.

Loosen the screws holding the collar of the drain plug using the screwdriver. Pull the drain plug out and let the oil drain into the pan. Replace the plug when no more oil drains out of the pan.

Remove the three bolts mounting the oil filter cover using your socket wrench. These bolts are located on the triangular metal object next to the oil pan. Lay the cover aside and loosen the old oil filter. Spread some new oil on the gasket of the new oil filter with your finger and then tighten the oil filter onto the oil filter seal and replace the cover and bolts.

Unscrew the oil pan cap, which is above the motor and abutting the muffler. Pour into a funnel 2 liters of new oil. Replace the cap, turn on the motorcycle, let it run a minute or more, turn it off and check the oil pan window for the level of the oil. The window is somewhat hard to find: kneel next to the muffler just where it turns from a vertical to horizontal position and you'll see the window, which is about the size of the base of a glue bottle. Check that the oil is at the full marker. If not, add more oil.

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