How to Change a Positive Battery Cable on a 1984 Honda TRX200 Fourtrax

Many 1984 Honda TRX200 Fourtrax ATVs have faced harsh riding conditions over the years, wearing down the fragile electrical-wiring harness that feeds an electrical current throughout the machine. In many cases, battery cables are often worn down, broken or frayed, preventing the battery's electrical charge from powering the ATV's ignition and charging systems. While the negative cable is grounded to the TRX200's frame, making for a quick and easy replacement, the positive cable is connected to the starter motor's solenoid and requires a few minutes of extra work to replace.

Tools Used: Phillips screwdriver, 8 mm wrench, Replacement positive battery cable

Change a Positive Battery Cable

Unlock the seat from the ATV, pulling the seat-release lever on the right side of the ATV upwards. Pull the rear of the seat upwards and to the rear of the ATV until the catch tabs on the front of the seat disengage from the ATV's frame.

Disconnect the ATV's black, negative (-) battery cable from the battery, using a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the battery's terminal bolt. Pull the negative cable away from the battery and set it away from the frame or any other metallic components.

Disconnect the red, positive (+) cable from battery, using a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the battery terminal bolt. Follow the battery cable to the ATV's starter solenoid. Disconnect the positive battery cable from the starter solenoid, using an 8 mm wrench to remove the lock nut from the solenoid's terminal post. Remove the positive cable from the terminal post and pull the cable out of the ATV. Take note of the cable's routing from the battery to the starter solenoid.

Route the new positive battery cable through ATV's frame between the battery and the starter solenoid. Connect the battery cable to the starter solenoid's terminal post and secure it in place by tightening the lock nut with an 8 mm wrench.

Reconnect the battery cables to the battery's terminals, starting with the positive (+) cable followed by the negative (-) cable. Insert and tighten the terminal bolts with a Phillips screwdriver.

Slide the seat's catch tabs into the frame and lower the seat into position on the ATV. Press the rear of the seat downward until the seat-lock mechanism locks into place. Pull the seat upward slightly to ensure that the seat is completely secured.

Tips & Warnings

Do not allow the negative terminal to contact the frame while you are disconnecting the battery. An electrical shock could occur, causing bodily injury and electrical damage.

Check that the seat is properly secured before riding the ATV. A loose seat can create a loss of control that could result in injury or death.

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