How to Change the Power Steering Belt on a 1982 Oldsmobile

The power steering belt in a 1982 Oldsmobile connects the power steering pulley to the crankshaft pulley. Over time, the power steering belt wears out or gets frayed. When that happens, the steering will be tight when you attempt to turn the car. Replacing the belt will ensure that the power steering pump is running at an optimum level. You can find a replacement power steering belt for your 1982 Olds at any auto parts store.

Tools Used: Socket set, Socket wrench, Pry bar

Change Power Steering Belt

Park your '82 Olds on level ground and set the parking brake. Shut the engine off and remove the key. Raise the hood and prop it open.

Locate the power steering pump at the bottom of the driver's side of the engine. Loosen the two bolts securing the pump, using a socket wrench. There is a bolt at the top and at the bottom. Pivot the pump down once you loosen the bolts.

Pull the belt off the power steering pulley and the crankshaft. Place the new belt over the pulleys.

Pry the power steering pump toward the driver's side wall with a pry bar. Tighten the bolts so there is no slack in the belt.

Start the engine to ensure that there is no slack in the belt. Turn the engine off once you've checked the belt.

Tips & Warnings

Always inspect all belts for cracking and fraying, and replace any other belts as needed.

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