1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Front Disc Rotor Removal Instructions

The 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit was manufactured with front disk brakes, which use a rotor and pads to stop the car with friction. Over time, these parts can become corroded or worn, causing malfunctions or a loss of stopping power. By removing the caliper, pads and rotor, the system can be repaired or replaced. The average backyard mechanic can remove the Rabbit's rotor in about 20 minutes.

Tools Used: Floor jack, Jack stand, Lug wrench, Socket set, Screwdrivers

Remove Front Disc Rotor

Place the floor jack head underneath a frame rail, behind the front wheel. Do not place the jack head under the body or suspension.

Place the jack stand under the same frame rail as the floor jack for support in case the jack fails.

Turn the lug nuts counterclockwise with the lug wrench. They are easier to remove before the wheel is lifted.

Raise the Rabbit's wheel by pumping the jack handle until the wheel is off of the ground.

Pull the wheel from the hub and lug bolts and set it aside.

Turn the caliper's rear mount bolts counterclockwise with the socket wrench and remove them.

Slide the caliper off of the rotor by sliding it away from the center hub. The friction pads could fall out of the caliper, but are most likely held in with small clips.

Pull the rotor free of the hub. If the rotor is stuck due to rust, it can be gently pried loose with a screwdriver or tapped with the handle of the socket wrench.

Tips & Warnings

Check the caliper for leaks and the rotor for warping during the removal.

Use extreme caution when working underneath a lifted vehicle.

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