How to Change a Worn-Out Flywheel on a 1988 Chevrolet Blazer

If the flywheel in your 1988 Chevrolet Blazer has been damaged, or has lost any of its gear teeth, it should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage. Changing the flywheel is a task that can be done by almost anyone, if the proper steps are followed thoroughly. Keep in mind that following the steps correctly includes having the proper tools to complete the job. After completing the procedure, your 1988 Chevrolet Blazer should perform its fire-ups as smoothly and quietly as it did when it was brand new.

Tools Used: 5 floor jack stands, 9/16 standard wrench, 9/16" socket, 3/8" wrench, Ratchet, 5/8" socket, 7/16" wrench, Torque wrench, 11/16" standard socket

Change a Worn-Out Flywheel

Disconnect the battery cables from the battery while the vehicle is turned off (in any order). By disconnecting the battery cables, you will prevent electric current from making sparks that could cause damage to your vehicle's parts or yourself.

Lift the vehicle off of the ground to the desired level by using floor jack stands on all four corners. Using jack stands on all four corners will prevent the vehicle from rolling away, which could cause an unwanted accident.

Use a 9/16" wrench or 9/16" socket to unbolt and remove the ignition starter from its place.

Change wrenches to a 3/8" wrench and remove the transmission dust cover.

Change wrenches back to the 9/16 wrench, and remove the three bolts that attach the torque converter to the flywheel.

Using the same 9/16" wrench, remove the lines that join the radiator to the transmission.

Using the same wrench, remove the six bolts that attach the transmission to the engine.

Attach a ratchet to a 5/8" socket. Use it to disconnect the transmission mount that supports the transmission cross member.

Use a 7/16" wrench and dismount the drive shaft from the back axle.

Take the fifth floor jack stand and set it right underneath the transmission oil pan. Lift the transmission slightly to where it can be removed backwards, and away from engine.

Attach an 11/16" standard socket to a torque wrench. Remove all eight bolts that link the flywheel to the engine crankshaft.

Gently pry off the worn-out flywheel from the engine. Replace it with a new flywheel and then follow all of the above steps in reverse order.

Tips & Warnings

If possible, enlist a second person to help hand you tools and remove parts away from the work area.

Make sure that when the bolts are being screwed back on, they are tightened enough to avoid any dislocation of the vehicle's parts.

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