How to Check a Fuel Pump on a 1987 Honda Accord

Since your fuel pump carries a heavy workload in the 1987 Accord's engine system, over time these parts can become worn and require replacement. If you do not replace the worn part immediately, it can cause considerable damage to your engine. You can pick up a new fuel pump at your local auto store, and with the correct preparation you can complete the replacement from home.

Tools Used: Screwdriver set, Car jack, Jack stands, Wrench set, Replacement fuel pump

Check a Fuel Pump

Apply the handbrake on the Accord. Place a car jack underneath the vehicle to raise it off the ground. Place jack stands under the car as well for added support.

Remove the cap on the fuel tank and take as much fuel out as possible. For best results use a siphon kit.

Locate the connectors to the fuel lines and pull them out using your hands. They should come loose when force is applied. Remove the sensor plug wire from the fuel tank. Use a wrench to remove the mounting bolts on the fuel tank. Carefully lift the fuel tank from the vehicle and place it on its side on a flat surface.

Locate the fuel pump at the top of the fuel tank and remove the o-ring attached to the pump. Attach the o-ring to the new fuel pump.

Insert the fuel pump and tank back in to the vehicle following the removal steps in reverse. Once completed, turn the engine on to ensure everything is working correctly. Check to make sure there are no leaks coming from the tank.

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