How to Disconnect a Seat Belt Alarm in a Jeep Commander

Chrysler (parent company of Jeep) does not recommend deactivating your seat-belt alarm; nevertheless, they offer a procedure to do so. The seat-belt warning chime turns on once you reach eight miles per hour with the driver-side seat belt unhooked. A dash indicator also appears, displaying the seat-belt icon. You can disconnect the seat-belt alarm, but not the dash-indicator icon. Keep in mind that 49 out of 50 states have laws requiring drivers to wear seat belts.

Step 1 - Turn your ignition off and buckle the driver-side seat belt.

Step 2 - Turn the ignition to "On." It's not necessary to crank the engine.

Step 3 - Unbuckle then buckle the driver-side seat belt three times within 10 seconds. End with the seat belt unbuckled. This must be done within 60 seconds of turning the ignition to "On."

Turn the ignition to "Off." You'll hear a chime, indicating that the alarm has been turned off. Repeat the process to reactivate the seat-belt alarm.

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