How to Fix a Fan belt on a 1986 Honda Civic

The 1986 Honda Civic uses three fan belts, or accessory drive belts. The belts should be checked every 30,000 miles for dry rot and cracks, and to see if they are shiny. If they are shiny on the side that touches the pulleys, they most likely got engine fluids on them that crystallized. This causes the belts to slip, which in turn, causes the accessory to work poorly. All belts should have the proper tension. You should be able to twist the belt 90 degrees. If you can twist it more, and it cannot be adjusted, the belt has stretched past its useful life. If you can't twist it 90 degrees, it's too tight; you should loosen it until you can twist it 90 degrees.

Tools Used: Set of sockets, Floor jack, Jack stands, Torque wrench

Fix Fan belt

Loosen the bolt on the alternator slider bracket, using the appropriate socket. Push the alternator in toward the engine to loosen tension on the belt. Loosen the four bolts that hold the power steering pump in place, using the appropriate sockets. Slide the pump body toward the engine to loosen tension on the belt.

Jack the Civic up, using the floor jack, then support it with jack stands. Remove the lower splash shield, using the appropriate socket. Loosen the adjuster bolt and locknut on the air conditioning compressor, to relieve tension on the air compressor belt. Lift the belts off the pulleys.

Install the new belts in the order that you removed the belts. The 1986 Honda Civic has three different engines, and the order of the belts is different for each engine.

Pull the alternator away from the engine, then firmly tighten the bolt in the slider bracket. Ensure that you can twist the belt 90 degrees. If not, adjust the tension by loosening the slider bolt and moving the alternator away or toward the engine as needed.

Pull the power steering pump away from the engine and tighten the bolts to 33 foot-pounds of torque. Ensure that you can twist the belt 90 degrees. Adjust the tension as necessary, if it twists more or less.

Turn the adjuster bolt on the air compressor, until the belt has the proper tension. Tighten the locknut. Reinstall the lower splash shield, then lower the vehicle off the jack stands.

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