How to Install a Gas Tank on a 1982 Chevrolet Corvette

The 1982 Corvette was manufactured with only an automatic transmission available. It was the first time since the Corvette's introduction in 1955 that Chevrolet did not offer a manual transmission option. The 1982 Corvette's gas tank is mounted under the rear of car. Occasionally, your gas tank will require replacement due to rust, corrosion or damage.

Tools Used: Safety goggles, Car jack, Pliers, Drain pan, Socket wrench set, Replacement gas tank

Install a Gas Tank

Strap on your safety goggles. Put the jack under the rear frame of your vehicle and lift the Corvette.

Drain the fuel from the gas tank. Put the drain pan under your gas tank and remove the gas tank from the fuel pump. Disconnect the fuel pump and fuel relay hose with your pliers.

Disconnect the gas tank from your Corvette. Two metal straps hold your Corvette's gas tank in place, mounted by four bolts. Remove the four bolts with your socket wrench set.

Mount your replacement gas tank to your Corvette. Attach the gas tank with the two metal straps and four bolts. Use your socket wrench set to secure the bolts.

Connect the fuel relay hose and fuel pump to your replacement gas tank. Use your pliers to secure the fuel relay hose. Pour the drained fuel into your replacement gas tank.

Tips & Warnings

Having a car lift will speed up the process of installing your replacement gas tank.

Fuel is extremely flammable and must be stored in a secure location.

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