How to Change a Fuel Filter on a 1982 Chevrolet S10

The fuel filter on a Chevrolet S10 is easy to change. The purpose of the fuel filter is to trap sediments from getting into the engine. The fuel leaves the gas tank and goes into the fuel filter. The filter then traps the sediments and releases the fuel back into the fuel line. The fuel line then carries the clean fuel to the engine. You can replace the fuel filter on the Chevrolet S10 yourself in about 30 minutes or so.

Tools Used: 9/16 wrench, Catch pan, New fuel filter

Change a Fuel Filter

Unscrew the gas cap from the gas tank to relieve the pressure from the fuel filter.

Locate the fuel filter under the cab of the truck on the driver's side. The fuel filter will be in a round bracket under the driver side inside of the frame rail.

Put the catch pan under the fuel filter to catch the excess fuel.

Remove the fuel line with the plastic clip by squeezing the head of the plastic clip and pulling the line back at the same time. The lip of the plastic clip is locked onto the fuel filter. When you squeeze the head of the plastic clip, it releases the lip and allows you to pull the fuel line back from the fuel filter.

Remove the other fuel line with a 9/16 wrench. Put the wrench on the head of the fuel line and turn it counter -clockwise and remove the fuel line.

Slide the fuel filter out of the round bracket. The Chevrolet S10 has a round bracket that holds the fuel filter in place. Discard the fuel filter into the catch pan.

Slide the new fuel filter into the round bracket.

Push the fuel line with the plastic clip onto the fuel filter tube. Push the fuel line straight onto the tube until the plastic clip locks in place. You will feel the plastic clip when it locks onto the tube. Then gently pull back on the fuel line to make

Screw the other fuel line onto the fuel filter and tighten it down with the 9/16 wrench.

Screw the gas cap back onto the gas tank.

Turn the ignition key on and off three times to prime the fuel filter. Then crank the engine.

Inspect the fuel filter and the fuel lines to make sure that they are not leaking. Then turn off the engine.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that the flow arrow on the fuel filter is facing towards the engine.

The fuel filters are different on certain S-10 Models. Here are the different fuel filters for the different types of Chevrolet S-10. Make sure you buy a replacement that is designed for your S-10's specific year and configuration.

Always wear safety glasses when working around fuel.

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