How to Remove the Crankshaft Pulley a 1987 Honda Civic

The 1987 Honda Civic crankshaft pulley is a stinker to remove. Honda may have been a little over-cautious in their design department. It has a large 19 mm bolt securing it with 130 foot pounds of torque. This much torque with no extra resistance from rust, which would increase the torque necessary to remove it, will cause the engine to turn long before the bolt moves. The pulley has an octagonal hole around the bolt. A special tool is needed to insert into this hole to prevent the engine from turning as the bolt is removed.

Tools Used: Floor jack, Jack stands, Lug wrench, Ratchet, Breaker bar, Set of sockets, Honda crankshaft pulley tool

Remove Crankshaft Pulley

Loosen the accessory belt tensioner with a socket. Move the tensioner away from the belts to loosen tension, then remove the belts.

Raise the driver's side of the car using a floor jack. Place a jack stand under the sub-frame and lower the car onto the stand. Remove the lug nuts on the wheel using a lug wrench and remove the wheel.

Remove the inner splash shield using a socket. Place the special pulley tool into the opening made for it in the pulley. Remove the center bolt with a large socket and breaker bar. Pull the pulley off the engine.

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