How to Remove the Headlight Switch on a 1986 Toyota MR2

The 1986 Toyota MR2 was the first of three generations of this sports car manufactured by Central Motors and sold under the Toyota brand. The car combined an efficient power train with sporty design. If you still own the 1986 version then you have certainly had to spend some money on upkeep, as you would with any other car twenty years old or older. One problem that you can fix yourself is removal of the headlight switch. Whether you need to test the wires or simply replace it, this job is fairly simple.

Tools Used: Screwdriver set

Remove the Headlight Switch

Park the MR2 in a safe and well lit spot. Engage the parking break. Slide the driver's seat all the back giving you room to work around the steering column.

Loosen the mounting on the steering column. Locate the mounting screws and use a Philips head screwdriver to remove them giving you access to the interior of the headlight switch.

Turn the stick to the left and then pull it out of the steering wheel assembly. Do this slowly as there will be some wires connecting it to the assembly that you do not want to strip.

Disconnect the headlight switch from the steering wheel. There will be a red, green and yellow wire. Disconnect each and remove the headlight switch.

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