How to Remove an Ignition on a 1988 Dodge D100

The ignition switch on your 1988 Dodge D100 pickup truck is buried deep inside the steering column. To gain access to it, you will need to disassemble several components. Laying down components in order as you remove them will make it easier for you during the reassembling process. Before you start, though, make sure you have all the tools needed, including a steering wheel puller, a pair of snap ring pliers and a torque wrench to successfully complete the job.

Tools Used: Wrench, Scratch awl, Dark marker, Ratchet, Ratchet extension, Six-point socket, Steering wheel puller, Phillips screwdriver, Snap ring pliers

Remove Ignition

Removing the Steering Wheel

Make sure the ignition is in the Lock (Off) position.

Disconnect the ground (black) battery cable using a wrench.

Detach the horn pad from the steering wheel. Use a scratch awl to push the pad retaining springs through the holes in the back of the steering wheel.

Raise the horn pad just enough to reach underneath and unplug the horn wire.

Match mark the steering wheel to the steering column shaft using a dark marker. This will help you align the steering wheel in the correct position during reassembly.

Unfasten the steering wheel retaining nut using a ratchet, ratchet extension and six-point socket. During reinstallation, toque this nut to 45-foot lbs. (61 Nm) using a torque wrench.

Detach the steering wheel from the steering column using a steering wheel puller.

Removing the Turn Signal Switch

Unscrew the turn signal lever screw using a Phillips screwdriver to detach it from the turn signal switch.

Unplug the turn signal switch electrical connector.

Remove the snap ring from the center of the steering column shaft using snap ring pliers.

Unscrew the turn signal switch using a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the turn signal switch and upper bearing from the steering column.

Removing the Ignition Switch

Unfasten the buzzer switch, if your D100 comes equipped with it, and remove the buzzer switch. Use a Phillips screwdriver.

Unscrew the lock cylinder light bulb socket using a Phillips screwdriver and move it out of the way.

Remove the bearing housing using the Phillips screwdriver and detach the coil spring by hand. Make a note of the exact position of the spring so that you can reinstall it in the same position.

Detach the lock plate and lock lever guide plate from the steering shaft using the Phillips screwdriver.

Insert the scratch awl in the lock cylinder hole and push the spring lock retainer. At the same time, pull the lock cylinder out of the steering column.

Unfasten the three mounting screws from the ignition switch. Then unplug the switch and remove it from the steering column.

Make sure the ignition switch is in the Off position during reinstallation.

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