How to Replace a Fuel Pump on a 1981 GMC C60

General Motors began manufacturing trucks in 1902. Their first model was known as the Rapid and had only two cylinders. Since then the company has produced numerous models and types of trucks ranging from the Sierra to the C Series to the Model 1000. The 1981 line of trucks include the C60. The C60 has a fuel pump that was affixed to the top of the truck's fuel tank which needs to be replaced from time to time as it fails.

Tools Used: Truck ignition key, Gas can, Funnel, Siphon, Siphon hose, Wrench, Hammer, Chisel, Pliers, Wheel blocks, Car jacks, Wood block

Replace a Fuel Pump

Prepare To Remove The Pump

Park the C60 on a flat and solid surface. Make sure that the truck is in park if the truck has an automatic transmission or in first gear if it has a manual transmission. Put wheel blocks behind the front two wheels of the truck.

Open the fuel tank cap. This will relieve the fuel pressure system of the truck.

Siphon out the gas in the truck tank into a gas container. Avoid siphoning the fuel with your mouth so that you do not accidentally ingest any fuel or fuel fumes.

Locate the fuse box of the truck and remove the fuel pump's fuse. The fuse box is typically located below and to the left of the truck's steering wheel.

Turn the truck's engine on and drain all of the remaining gas from the fuel system. The engine will stall when the fuel is exhausted.

Remove The Fuel Tank From The Truck

Remove the positive and negative cables from the truck's battery with a wrench and pliers. Disconnect the black negative cable first.

Use jacks to lift the rear end of the truck so that you can easily access the truck's fuel tank.

Place a wooden block or other similar object directly under the center of the C60's fuel tank. Loosen the fuel tank straps that hold the tank to the truck's body with a socket wrench and set the gas tank on top of the wooden block. Remove the fuel lines from the fuel filter sticking out of the top of the gas tank with your hand.

Drag the gas tank from underneath the bottom of the truck.

Detach The Fuel Pump From The Gas Tank And Replace It

Loosen and remove the metal locking ring that holds the fuel pump to the gas tank with a hammer and chisel. The ring has a tab sticking up that you can push the chisel against. Turn the ring counter clockwise to loosen it.

Remove the black rubber seal that rests directly under the locking ring.

Pull the fuel pump out of the gas tank. Insert the new fuel pump into the tank. Do not push it all the way down yet. Insert the black rubber seal over the top of the fuel pump back down into the groove below where the locking ring sits. Push the fuel pump down and tighten the metal locking ring over the pump with the hammer and chisel.

Push the gas tank back under the truck and rest it on top of the wooden block so that it is directly under where the tank attaches to the body. Lift the tank up and reattach it with the metal straps.

Test The New Fuel Pump

Reattach the cables to the battery, reinsert the fuel pump fuse into the fuse box and lower the jacks lifting the rear of the truck. Put the gas back into the fuel tank with a funnel.

Put the truck's key in its ignition. Turn the key one notch to engage the battery and energize the fuel system. Leave the key on for approximately five to eight seconds then turn the key off. Repeat this process three to five times.

Turn the truck's engine on and inspect under the body for leaks in the fuel system.

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