How to Replace the Windshield on a 1981 Dodge Pickup

You can replace the windshield on your 1981 Dodge pickup right at home, saving the cost of labor in the process. Many owners will elect to have the windshield installed by a professional to ensure that it is done properly. If you do choose to install it yourself, you can get all of the items you need to do this from your local auto parts retailer. Make sure you replace your windshield if it has a crack in it longer than 6 inches.

Tools Used: Phillips head screwdriver, Large flat head screwdriver, Painter's tape, Strong knife, Work gloves, New gasket, Damp cloth, Replacement windshield, Sealant, Heavy nylon cord, Petroleum jelly

Replace Windshield

Loosen one of the screws on the rear view mirror with a Phillips head screwdriver and slide out the block and mirror. The block is a little plastic piece between the arm of the rear view mirror and the windshield. Set them both aside.

Lift up the wipers until they lock in the upright position. Pry the wipers off with a screwdriver inserted between the nut and the arm, rocking it side to side. Set the wipers aside.

Cover the dashboard vents with painter's tape.

Wedge a knife into the gasket close to the windshield glass but not touching it. Cut away the rubber gasket all the way around the windshield. Push the glass out with your feet while an assistant catches it from the outside. Discard or salvage the old windshield.

Wipe off the frame with a damp cloth. Wipe off the new gasket and set it in a sunny place to soften so it will be easier to stretch around the new windshield.

Stretch the gasket around the new windshield. Make sure the gasket's slit faces the part of the windshield that faces outside the vehicle. Run a bead of sealant along the bottom half of the gasket's channel.

Spread petroleum jelly on the outer groove of the gasket. Put a little extra at the top and bottom center. Wrap a heavy nylon cord around the gasket and in the outer groove. Start and end at the bottom center, leaving two long ends of cord hanging out.

Set the windshield in the windshield frame from outside of the Dodge. Let the cords hang inside the vehicle.

Pull one cord slowly so that it pulls the rubber lip of the gasket into place. At the same time have your assistant press the gasket onto the outside edge of the Dodge.

Reinstall the rear view mirror and wipers. Allow the sealant to dry for two days before driving the truck.

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