How to Replace the Starter on a 1987 Toyota Supra

A common symptom of a worn out starter is an audible "clicking" sound when trying to turn over the motor. Starters can wear out gradually, and when they do you will receive these clicks sounds multiple times before the car actually turns over and starts. Worn out starter contacts also create a clicking sound when trying to turn over the Supra. Starter contacts can be replaced on their own, but with the highly competitive auto parts market, a new generic starter is about the same price.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, Torque wrench, Jack, Jack stands

Replace the Starter

1987 Toyota Supra starter removal

Disconnect the negative battery cable using a socket wrench. Bend the negative battery cable away from metal to prevent spark.

Lift the Supra using a jack, and place on jack stands. Place a wood block behind the ear tires to prevent slipping.

Locate the starter and remove the starter solenoid wire by pulling on the connector. Do not pull on the wire itself, just the connector.

Remove the bolt on the left, and right, side of the starter mounting bracket using a socket wrench. Removing the bolts will release the starter.

1987 Toyota Supra starter replacement

Set the new starter in the starter bracket. Tighten the two starter bolts using a torque wrench to 16-23 foot-pounds.

Reconnect the existing starter wire onto the starter solenoid by pushing it straight on the connector.

Reconnect the negative battery cable using a socket wrench, and start the car.

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