1987 Yamaha YZ250 Clutch Cable Installation Instructions

Yamaha's two-stroke, 249cc YZ250 dirt bike has a been a favorite for motocross riders since the mid-70s. Spurred by a growing interest in vintage off-road racing, many older YZ250s are being restored for active duty on trails and tracks around the world. In many cases, restoring an older YZ250 can require little more than replacement of the control cables. Unfortunately, first-time YZ owners can be put off by the replacement of the clutch cable. Don't worry, it's easier than it looks, and it requires few tools.

Tools Used: Clutch cable, Cable lubricating tool, Motorcycle-specific cable lubricant

Install Clutch Cable

Lubricate the new clutch cable before installing it onto the motorcycle. Use a cable lubricating tool and a motorcycle-specific cable lubricant. Attach the tool to the handlebar end of the cable and apply a stream of lubricant onto the cable. A small amount of lubricant should drip from the opposite end of the cable once it is properly lubricated. Wipe away the excess with a towel.

Insert the cable's end barrel through the cable holder on the left side of the motor. Slip the end barrel into the clutch push lever assembly, routing the cable wire through the notch in the assembly.

Route the clutch cable to the frame's down tube--the length of frame that angles down from the steering yoke to form a cradle under the motor. Secure the cable to the frame using factory cable straps or zip-ties. Route the cable to the steering yoke.

Insert the remaining cable end barrel into the clutch lever on the left handlebar. Slip the cable through the channel on the clutch lever perch. Screw the cable's adjuster into the perch.

Adjust the cable tension by tightening or loosening the cable adjusters on both ends of the cable. Ideally, the clutch lever should have 1/8 inch of slack.

Tips & Warnings

Do not attempt this task unless you feel confident you can complete it. Instead, seek the help of a certified motorcycle technician.

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