How to Change the Language on a 2003 Silverado

The 2003 Chevy Silverado's odometer warning cluster communicates in English by default. The personalization menu, however, allows the driver to change the display language to either French or Spanish. This can be helpful if someone is driving your truck and prefers one of the other languages. If you are trying to learn one of these languages, change the truck's display language to help you practice.

Step 1 - Start the Silverado's engine and inspect the right side of the steering wheel. Note a button with a memo icon. This is the "Personalization" button.

Step 2 - Tap the "Personalization" button until "Display Language" shows in the Silverado's odometer window.

Step 3 - Push the "Select" button. This button has an arrow icon.

Push the "Select" button again to choose the appropriate language. The odometer screen displays "French," "English" and "Spanish." Push the "Personalization" button when the screen shows the desired language.

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