How to Change the Transmission Fluid on a 1989 Honda Accord

Tools Used: Car jack, Fluid catch pan, 3/8-inch ratchet, Funnel, Honda premium automatic transmission fluid

Change Transmission Fluid

Drive the car around long enough to warm up the transmission fluid. The hotter the transmission fluid is, the more viscous the fluid will be. This will allow more of the transmission fluid to drain out of the transmission.

Park the car on a level surface and turn the engine off.

Jack up the front of the car and put jack stands under the frame behind each front tire. There is a designated jack stand area behind each front tire on the 1989 Honda Accord. Slowly let the car down on the jack stands. Inspect to make sure that the car is sitting securely and evenly on the jack stands.

Locate the transmission drain plug on the front of the automatic transmission pan, on the driver side. Then slide the fluid catch pan under the transmission drain plug. Loosen and remove the transmission drain plug with the 3/8-inch ratchet. Stick the square piece on the end of the 3/8-inch ratchet into the square hole in the center of the drain plug. Turn the drain plug counter-clockwise to loosen and remove. Let all the transmission fluid run into the fluid catch pan.

Wipe clean the drain plug and screw it back into the transmission pan. Tighten the drain plug securely with the ratchet. The Honda owner's manual calls for a transmission drain plug torque of 29 pound-feet. Slide the fluid catch pan out from under the car.

Open the hood of the car and locate the transmission dipstick on the backside of the engine. The dipstick will have a red handle. Pull the dipstick out and put the funnel in the dipstick tube. Add 2.5 quarts of premium Honda automatic transmission fluid to the transmission. Remove the funnel and put the dipstick back in the tube.

Crank the engine and shift the gear lever through all of the gears to allow the fluid to get into all of the necessary areas of the transmission. Wipe the dipstick and recheck the transmission fluid level on the dipstick while the engine is idling. The fluid level should be on the "Full" mark on the dipstick. If not, add another half quart of fluid and recheck the transmission fluid level while the engine is running.

Take the funnel out of the tube and reinsert the transmission dipstick. Close the hood.

Jack the car up and remove the jack stands. Lower the car back to the ground.

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